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Event Guide – How to use our event system

Do you want to create an event? That's great! We'd like to guide you through your first event creation. Please read the following steps carefully to make the best of your first event.

1. General Event Details

Visitors will decide whether or not they want to buy a ticket for your event due to the following event details. On our Explore page and our front page, visitors can see the event title, description, language, category, and your poster. This means these details are essential for making these visitors curious! Think of catchy titles, put useful information in your description and choose your category & language wisely.

The event description can be up to 200 characters. This is not much space so it has to be interesting enough for readers to click for more!

2. Panels and Tags

Now that we set everything for the outside look of your event, let's do something for the event channel itself. We have a new paneling system which is specially created for our events but can be also used for regular channel descriptions. Now you can split your description into standardized blocks. These blocks can be switched easily.

Each panel has a title with a maximum length of 90 characters. The panel image is optional and has a resolution of 470px width and 235px height. You are able to use either PNG with transparency or JPG/JPEG without transparency. The maximum file size for your panel images is 2Mb!

Next input field is your description. This can contain up to 1,500 characters. You can use the regular markdown commands as for the old description box. You can find those here: picarto.tv site/markdown

With these panels, you can create many informative blocks like:

  • Socials
  • Donations
  • Streaming Schedule
  • General Info
  • Commission Details
  • Frequently Answered Questions etc.

This way you are able to customize your event to fit your needs.

Our highlight tags can be seen on the expanded display of your event on the explore page. These tags should use essential keywords to describe your event. This way people get to understand what your event is all about even faster. Every tag has to be a minimum of 3 and maximum of 22 characters.

Your Event Poster

Every event needs a good looking poster to make people curious. This is a mandatory field which means you have to upload a poster. The event poster should be 720px high and be 544px in width for optimal display quality. You are able to use either PNG with transparency or JPG/JPEG without transparency. The maximum file size is 2 Mb!

Please keep in mind that posters must not contain NSFW content. Otherwise, the event will be deleted and you might get blocked for future events.

Your poster should have high contrasts and be related to your event topic. This way you will get more attention and sell more tickets. You can also add special paid options later to get even more attention.

Time is Money!

The last part of this page is the details about time and price. Please tell people from which country you broadcast. This way we can tell the exact timezone you are in so people won't get the wrong start time for the event.

Now select the start time and the end time for your event. The start time should be at least 24 hours after you created the event. This way people have more time to find your event and buy tickets. We also recommend starting your event even one week after creation. So you get more time to advertise your event.

Now comes the best part. You are able to set your own price for the event. Starting by $3 you can earn up to $200 (interesting for charity). You can also decide how many tickets should be sold. Please keep in mind that every event is limited to 100 participants! If you don't want to limit your event you can let the field be empty.

Our ticket calculator tells you how much profit you get for a sold ticket. We show you how much we need for the transaction and what Picarto.TV gets for offering this service. Click "Next" to enter the next page.

Event enhancement options

 If you want to get as much attention as possible we offer several options to help you. You can have a special border in white for your poster to stand out on our grayish front/explore page. Or you choose the special border + glow as seen on the image below to get a golden premium border with a glowing effect. Both options cost money and have to be paid before the event starts. The poster preview shows how your poster will look like on front page etc.

Now click on "Connect with Stripe". You will get redirected to the official payment provider Stripe. There you have to create an account (if not already done) so we can pay you out. Currently, there is no PayPal option for events but Stripe is famous and as save as PayPal.

Later on, you can edit your event details. Please keep in mind that once the first ticket is sold you can't change the event details anymore.