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How to use Panels in channel description?

NOTE: If you want to edit or delete your old description text please visit this site:

We have a new paneling system which can be used by all Picarto.TV members instead of the old description box. It can be set up on your channel page so you don't have to go to your settings for this feature!

Now you can split your description into standardized blocks into two rows. These blocks can be switched easily. You have to submit panels in order to switch them.

Each panel has a title with a maximum length of 90 characters. The panel image is optional and has a resolution of 470px width and 235px height. You are able to use either PNG with transparency or JPG/JPEG without transparency. The maximum file size for your panel images is 2Mb!

The next input field is your description. This can contain up to 1,500 characters. You can use the regular markdown commands as for the old description box. You can find those here:

With these panels, you can create many informative blocks like:

  • Your Socials
  • Donations (Patreon etc.)
  • Streaming Schedule
  • General Info
  • Commission Details
  • Frequently Answered Questions etc.

This way you are able to customize your channel description to fit your needs.