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I have to cancel my event at short notice!

It's always too bad if event streamers have to cancel their events. Normally, you can just click "Cancel" in your event dashboard and you won't have to host your event. However, if you are not a premium member you've paid $ 1 for the event creation. This money will not get refunded if you cancel this event yourself.

Financial Penalties

Once you have sold some tickets there is no easy way to cancel your event. People have paid money for their ticket and expect something for it. Therefore, we charge a cancellation fee of $ 5 for canceled events that already sold at least one ticket.

This cancellation fee is a compensation for the hassle of refunding the tickets. This fee will be debited from your Stripe account.

If your Stripe account has no credit you will have a negative balance. Stripe will then debit the amount from your linked bank account or credit card.