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I still have problems activating my account

If you have issues activating your account even after using the activation code you received via e-mail, try requesting a new code. Click here to request a new code. Please look in your spam folder if you can't find the mail.

Please keep in mind that sometimes you have to double-click on the activation link in your e-mail to activate your account. It depends on browser, mail client etc. So just try it before you request a new e-mail!

Still no activation mail?

Sometimes users create an account with a typo in their mail address. They forgot a letter, digit or symbol or similar. So we send our activation mail to the wrong address and you are not able to activate your account.

If you think you did something like this please contact our support. We will help you asap and activate your account for you. This way you can change your mail address yourself.

To contact our support please go to the "Click here for help" button in the lower right corner and click on the black "Contact Support" button. Provide us the username and the mail address you intended to use. This way we can compare both addresses to verify your account and activate it.