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Can I have custom emojis?

Yes, we offer custom emojis to our Basic/Premium members and subscribers. Basic members get 5 custom emoji slots and Premium members get even 10 slot! You can upload GIF animations with a dimension of 50x50 pixels. The total filesize is 50kb!

Subscribers can only use the custom emojis which have to be set by the streamer they subscribed to.

You can add new custom emojis in every chat on Picarto.TV. Just click on the smiley icon and go to the tab "Manage". There you can add your custom emojis.

If you have suggestions for new free-to-use emojis let us now! We may reserve the right to add new ones in the future. We also host emoji challenges where you can submit your own emoji. Through a public voting the TOP5 will be added to our emoji set and the winners receive great prizes.

You can learn more about it here: