On Picarto.TV, revenues get payed out automatically to your Paypal. Make sure all your payment related information are filled in truthfully and complete under: https://picarto.tv/settings/finances/payment-details

Every 1th of a month, all your collected revenues from the previous month will be summed up and a Payout Batch will be generated. All the collected revenues from the previous month will be payed out after 45 days. The reason for the waiting period is to prevent fraud related payments or fraud related activities. The payout will be done always and there is no limit or cap you need to earn in order to get payed out.

A Payout Batch contains all revenues you collected in the previous month. Kudos and Subscription revenues will be summed up together. You can see your payout batches under "Settings->Finances->My Payouts".


So as an Example all revenues collected in November will be collected and a Payout Batch will be created on the 1th of December. The Payout date will be 14th January. If you have revenues every Month you will get payed out every month. Example in the Table:


Revenue Month Payout Date
November 14th January
December 14th February
January 17th March
February 14th April
March 15th May
April 14th June
May 15th July