Are there any other options for me to stop someone from entering my chat?

Yes, we have two options available to all users, which we’ll explain more about in this article.

Don’t allow accounts less then 14 days old:

Using this option require users to be registered for at least 14 days, otherwise they they can‘t enter the chat or participate in it. Go to your channel and click on the chat settings.

Once you opened your chat settings, all you need to do is the tick the “Allow only accounts who have been registered for 14 days” field.

Whitelist chat mode:

Another feature we have added is the so-called ‘Whitelist’ chat mode. By enabling this mode, you grant users permission to use your chat. Again, you can change this in your chat settings.

Once you enabled the Whitelist chat mode, the user who tries to enter your chat will see the following button instead of the regular chat box:

If the users clicks on that button, they need to wait for you to give them permission to chat. Once you enabled the Whitelist mode in your chat settings, go to your userlist and you’ll see the “Pending chat requests”. The users who have sent you a chat request will have a small hourglass displayed next to their name. Click on the respective username and choose ‘Permit chat’. The user will be able to use your chat. In order to turn down a request, choose ‘Decline chat’.

Using these two options makes it easier for you to manage your chat, especially when it comes to dealing with spam and harassment.

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Updated on 29. February 2024