The Chest Quest

A Quick Guide with everything you need to know about our Chest System

We would like to introduce you to a brand new and revolutionary feature on the Chest Quest. This is the perfect way for both Streamers and Viewers to get rewarded; the Streamers will get an incentive in order to keep up with their work and the Viewers will get to download and keep the content of the Chests! It really is a win/win situation for both sides, so keep on reading if you want to know all the details about the Chest Quest:

As a Streamer

Pack up a Chest with as much secret content as you like and set up the Kudo goal you want to achieve in order for your viewers to win whatever is inside of your chest. Set your Creativity free and let the Chest Quest begin!

What can I put inside of a Chest?

You can decide what you want to put inside of the Chests, it is completely up to you but we suggest uploading some exclusive Artwork, Commission or Shop Coupons, etc. take into account, that your fans will Kudo you even more if you fill your Chests with worthy stuff!

You can keep the content top secret or you can tease it in the title and description (Up to 500 characters) where you leave a hint or even specify to your viewers what they can expect to get out of the Chest:

What type of files can I add to the Chest?

You can upload up to 100 different Files, with those being: JPEG/JPG, PNG and GIF. Bear in mind that those files cannot exceed a total of 250MB.

How do I start a Chest Quest?

It is really easy to start a Chest Quest. You just need to go to your settings and click on „Chests“ in order to create and start Chests. Click on the plus icon to create a new Chest. After you have filled the chest with all the information and files, save it and after that you can start the CHest Quest by clicking on the green start button.

Is there a Time and/or Kudo Limit for the Chest Quest?

Yes, you will have to set a Kudo Limit you want your viewers to achieve (Up to a maximum of 25,000 Kudos), but the time limit is optional. You can activate it if you want your users to hurry up and open the chest as fast as within 10 minutes or longer:

Do I get to see the progression of the Chest Quest?

Of course, you have the possibilty to monitor the ongoing Chest Quest with the chest progress bar, where you will see all the important information at a glance:

What happens when the Quest is completed?

When the Quest is completed, a message will appear in your chat where you can see a summary of the users who contributed with how many Kudos in order to conquer the Quest. Here you have an example of the message:

Can I have more than one Chest ready?

As a premium user, you can have up to 10 different chest with different content ready. As a free member you can have only one chest and you have to edit it if you want to change the  content. Click here to learn more about Picarto Premium and its benefits! 

Can I stop an ongoing Chest Quest?

Yes, this is a possibility we offer but it is really important for you to know that we will not be able to refund the Kudos your viewers have already tipped in order to open the chest. You will also not be able to restore the process once you click on the red button „Stop“. So please think about it carefully before you decide to cancel an ongoing Chest Quest.

As a Viewer

Team up with other users in order to get whatever is inside of the Chests! You can give as much Kudos as you like, take into account that even a small contribution can help all of you to get the exclusive content. 

How can I join a Chest Quest?

Every Picarto member can participate in a chest quest by tipping any amount of kudos to the streamer. Click here to learn more about our tipping system and kudos.

How can I claim the chest content?

If you have a crate open, just click on the crate and then click claim to download the content. You can also see already unlocked chests in the chest section in your settings under unlocked chests. 

What happens if we do not succeed in opening the Chest?

It is not guaranteed that the chest will be opened successfully. If a Chest Quest is not successful,the tips remain with the streamer and you have supported them.

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Updated on 29. February 2024