What can I customize in my channel?

If you want to customize your own channel, you have several options to choose from. Some of them are available for free, but others require a Premium membership on Picarto.TV. You can change your layout here.

Free options for your channel:

Channel Panel: In your channel description you can create panels. Use your creativity to choose fitting images and text styles for your panels. Read more about it here: : http://help.picarto.tv/knowledge_base/topics/how-to-use-panels-in-channel-description

Chat banner: You can place a banner at the top of your chat to welcome new visitors or give some infos about you. Go to your channel settings and choose „Chat Banner“ to customize your banner.

Paid options for your channel: (Upgrade now!)

With an upgrade to our Premium membership ($ 14,99/month) you can also use these features to customize your channel!

Offline Image: Instead of the default offline image, you can customize and upload your own, maybe even use it as advertisment for your streaming schedule. Again, you can change this in your channel settings under Images.

Custom Banner: Right below your profile details you can set two custom banners instead. You can set two different looking images or select only one design, so both banners look like one whole banner. 

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Updated on 29. February 2024