Quick Guide to start tipping with Kudos

Everything you need to know in order to start tipping with Kudos

Kudos for Streamers

Our tipping system can be easily activated in your account settings by clicking on ‘Channel’, then on “Tipping“ and enabling ‘Allow users to send you tips’:

Please note that you will need to fill in your payment details in order to get your revenues paid out. If you get a message like this next to the Tipping activation Tag, please click on ‘Payment Details’ and follow the instuctions:

As a streamer, you will get a provision of 1 US cent per 1 kudos.

Set Your Kudos Boundaries

You will be able to establish a minimum tip amount for your channel, for example, if you want to have it so a viewer will need to tip a minimum of 10 Kudos in order to get a highlighted message in the Chat.

You can find the minimum kudos settings in the ‘Tipping‘ page, located in ‘ Account Settings’ in the ‘Channel’ tab:

Set your motivation goals and milestones

You can set a Motivation Goal and up to 5 different Milestones in order to achieve it. You will need to go to your Dasboard and click on “Set Motivation“ in the Chat Options on left side menu. Set the goal you want to achieve and a motivation message and click on the button “Set“:

For example, let´s say you want to achieve the 500 Kudos Goal, and you want to set a Milestone at 100, 200, 300 and 400 Kudos. You can set an animation that will be shown in the Chat every time your viewers reach one of these Milestones, so they have something to look forward to in the process of achieving the Goal:

You will also be able to see a Motivation Progress Bar on top of your chat so you can have a quick look at how things are going:

Set Your Kudos Badges

You can now create your own channel badges! Viewers who tip kudos can unlock higher tiers of kudos badge icons that will appear next to their name in your chat as motivation and appreciation. Go to your Profile Settings and click on ‘Channel’, then click on ‘Tipping’ and lastly on the button ‘Edit your channel badges‘:

These badges will be valid for the viewer indefinitely and they will be able to increase their badge rank further with time as they tip.

Show your top supporters

The most loyal supporters will be displayed  at the top of your chat for everyone to see. Please note that this leaderboard will be reset every week, so all your supporters can get the chance to be at the top of your list.

Kudos for Viewers

With Kudos you can support your favorite artists and show your appreciation with a tip and a special message. Become a top supporter and rise on the leaderboard of all supporters. Open chests with special content selected by the streamer and get special supporter badges.

How to buy Kudos

There are two different ways for you to buy Kudos:

A- By clicking the green button ‘Get Kudos’ in the upper right corner of our main landing menu and following the instructions:

B- By clicking the Coin Icon at the bottom of the chat. First click the coin icon that appears in the chat message window, next to the Emoticon Button:

Then click on ‘Get Kudos’:

And last, but not least, click on the button ‘Checkout with Paypal’ to be forwarded to the paypal page where you can complete your purchase and acquire kudos:

How to send Kudos

Once your purchase has been finalized you will have a set amount of Kudos to use.

In order to Tip your favorite streamers, first click the coin icon that appears in the chat message window, next to the emote button, then a series of “Kumotes” will appear for you to choose from:

In this case we chose the Mimi Kumote, we then click on the amount we want to tip and write a highlighted message of our wish:

Another shortcut way to to tip is by directly typing ‘Mimi’, for the mimi Kumotes, followed by the amount you want to donate and then add your message. If you want to use one of our other Kumotes you will have to type ‘Kudo’, ‘yarni, ‘bumbum’, ‘heart’, ‘blop’ or ‘brushy’ followed by the amount you want to tip and your message.

Here are some examples of how your Tipping would look like in the Chat:

Depending on the amount sent you will unlock some of our exclusive badges. Streamers can create their own Channel Badges so try to collect them all!

You will also be able to see in the chat how many Kudos you still have to tip in order to unlock the next badge by just clicking in the coin icon:

Kudos Usage History

You will be able to see a summary of your kudos usage in your settings. Just click on ‘Finances’ and then on ‘Kudos usage history‘.

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Updated on 29. February 2024