Messages aren’t showing in the chat

If you experience an issue with the chat and can not view any messages, this might be an issue caused by your browser.

Please check your browser’s incognito/private mode, if this issue persists. If you still cannot view the messages, the issue might have been caused by an old browser cache. You can delete it in your browser settings.

You still can’t view any messages?
Please press CTRL+F5 in the channel with the issue and take a look if the issue is gone.

Didn’t work either?
Please right-click on the chat and click on “Inspect element” or a similar option. A window should open with several tabs. Click on the “Console” tab and take a screenshot of the content.

Please send the screenshot to our support and explain your problem. We can then track what caused the issue and fix it.

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Updated on 29. February 2024