[GMAIL] I don’t get any notifications?!

We got multiple complaints about lost notifications for streamers who start a live streaming session on Picarto.TV. It seems that the e-mail provider Gmail changed it’s system and puts our e-mails in the “promotions” tab that is especially for advertisement.

If you use Gmail and miss some online notifications from favorite streamers please check all your tabs in Gmail and especially the promotions tab. Your notifications should be in there.

If you want to get our online notifications in your main bin on Gmail again just drag one of our notifications to the “primary” tab to show Gmail these e-mails belong there.

Once you’ve transferred the e-mail a yellow notification box will pop up and asks you if this location for our e-mails should be default. Just click on “Yes” and it’s done.

Also, if you can’t find any notifications please check if you disabled notifications for specific streamers. You can do so here:


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Updated on 29. February 2024