How to become a verified user?

We use the verification system to prevent scam, which is why we grant some users verification. You can recognize those users through by green check badge next to their channel name.

If you want us to verify your account, you have to read these requirements and rules first.


Rules & Requirements #

1. You use your official artist name on Picarto.TV like in your other social media.

If you want to change your name to fulfill this rule but have no name changes left you can ask our support ([email protected]) to reset your name changes again.

2. You’ve linked your social media and website in your channel.

You can do so by going to your settings -> Socials

3. After verification you can not change your channel name anymore!

Except for official rebranding. Ask our support and show them that you already changed the name on all other official social media.

4. At least one of your social media is 6 months or older and has at least 500 followers. 

If we can not see your follower counter (like on Tumblr) please send screenshots to our support as proof. If your Picarto account has many followers exceptions are possible.

5. Deliberate violations of our Terms of Service lead to a revoke of your verification status.


Verification process #

1. Post the following text to your most popular social website:

I want to become a verified Picarto.TV user!

If you don’t have any well-known social media but enough followers on Picarto.TV you can skip this step.

2. Send us your channel name, the link to your verification post and screenshots of follow counter (if not visible) to [email protected]

3. Wait for a reply (takes up to 15 business days!)

You will get reply, if you have been verified or not.

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Updated on 29. February 2024