Send a Report or Feedback to us

You can always send feedback or reports to our support, but please do not send them without looking into our Help Center first, since many of the issues usually have a very simple solution to them. 

Report for ToS violations #

In case you want to report a streamer or a user, don‘t forget that you need to send us proof materials in form of screenshots or chat logs showing the username or the streamed content. You can attach the screenshot to your report ticket.

The following reports need evidence:

  • Mature content
  • Spam/harassment (on Picarto.TV)
  • Playing games without setting the channel to Gaming Mode
  • Copyright infringements
  • Underaged users
  • Channel advertisement for competitors

We will close reports that don‘t have any evidence included!

Reports for BUGS/ERROR #

Should you happen to come across a bug on, please go into detail when explaining your cause. If you believe to have found a bug, right-click on it (e.g. in the chat) and select “Inspect element”. After that click on the “Console” tab, make a screenshot of the content and send it to us. This makes it easier for us to find and fix the bug.

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Updated on 29. February 2024